Now – how’s that for a sunrise?

It’s another early Sunday and once again it’s time for this little slice of the internet to cough up yet a new blog post. One that after a few failed attempts of writing it, will take on a bit of a different shape than most. Sometimes there simply aren’t enough characters.

You’re in for a string of photos from the past week. Random snapshots from the road – or a lot more than that. It’s up to you this time :-) Out of the million little side plots that constitute my rolling life I always struggle with choosing which tiny fraction of it to share with you each week.

This time I’ll be sneaky enough to let you take on the decision making for me!

Each one of the photos below marks the beginning, middle or end of a beautiful / spooky / hilarious / too-random-to-be-true story that I would love to share with you. Scroll carefully now – and have a look to see if one of them might spark your imagination.

So. If there is one – which of these tales would you say is worth bringing to life also outside the covers of my journal? Let me know in the comments. And keep your eyes open the bonus blog post coming up in a few days!

Until next time,



Someone once told me a decent cliffhanger is proven to extend the average persons life with a good 20 minutes. You can thank me later :-)