A girl. A bicycle.
– & a world to explore

A sturdy bicycle and a stubborn mind. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make dreams come true. I’m Fredrika from Sweden. 2.5 years ago I kicked off this solo bicycle journey around the world and let me tell you – it’s been quite a ride. Best part? The biggest adventure is yet to come. Welcome!

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Last update: 2018-01-11 from Ljusne, Sweden

So. What is this?

Brilliant sunshine and pouring rain. Lush rain forests and bone-dry deserts. Privileged people with the world beneath their feet and those who can’t even afford to put a pair of shoes on theirs. This is a ride with the goal of experiencing it all.

On this journey I go to the most well known places on the planet. But also out of my way to find the hidden treasures of this world. I meet people whose language I don’t speak and whose food I’ve never tasted. This is the adventure of a lifetime and you’re more than welcome to experience it all with me.