A slow and steady circumnavigation of the planet – by bicycle

Follow along on the challenge of a lifetime – all the while making a difference in peoples’ lives

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Through the camera lens you can join me to the very corners of the world. The photo galleries offer a wide buffé of snapshots from the road.

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Welcome to The Bike Ramble!

Brilliant sunshine and pouring rain. Lush rain forests and bone-dry deserts. Crowded mega cities and rural countrysides. Privileged people with the world beneath their feet and those who can’t even afford to put a pair of shoes on theirs. This is a project with the mere goal of experiencing it all.

On this journey I go to the most well known places there are. But also out of my way to find the hidden treasures of this world. I meet people whose language I don’t speak and whose food I’ve never tasted. This is the adventure of a lifetime and you’re very welcome to experience it here with me.

A girl with her bicycle
– & a world to explore

Starting from Sweden in early 2015, The Bike Ramble is an unsupported solo bicycle tour equivalent to the equator in length. With a tent, reliable clothing and a camera strapped to it, the bicycle is my rolling home and only travel partner for the years to come. Years which I spend rambling around the world, all the while raising money in order to make it a better place for us all.

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Last update: 2017-05-23 from Lima, Peru