Who’s doing this?

The appetite for adventure has always been there. So has the love for pushing body & mind just a little. bit. further. And then further again. Growing up with two crazy brothers turned me into the (too) competitive tomboy I was as a child, and to a great extent still am today. Sports have always been my big passion – just get me a ball & I’m happy.

A few years ago I discovered the 2nd big love of my life, travelling. Spending half of 2012 Spain was great. But nothing like when I fell hopelessly in love with bicycle touring in 2013. Wow. 3 months through 8 countries across Europe felt like a mere appetizer, and the plans for the adventure of a lifetime were stuck in my mind before I was even back in Sweden. The Bike Ramble was born.

The Rambler

  • Fredrika Ek – 24 years old – Sweden
  • Knows squat about cycling
  • Fivefold tennis champion of northern Sweden
  • 7,8 HCP golfer
  • Finished the world’s longest x-country skiing race
  • Is an embarrassingly bad cook
  • Super power: Fall asleep anywhere, anytime
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