You know how people do the most ridiculous things?

Like spending a lifetime halfway to a heart attack – sprinting a self-constructed soul-imploding rat race with the end purpose of ‘affording’ the time and space to stand still and breathe?

Electing Donald Trump for president.

Or why not giving 1042 days riding a bicycle around the world, aiming to explore the most beautiful, exotic and least accessible corners of the planet – only to come home and realize you were already there?

Not really. But yeah.

What I want to say is that the Swedish winter wonderland I’ve come home to is literally out of the world I thought I knew.

I imagined arriving here would mean I’d have all the mental time and space in the world for self therapeutic writing sessions on here. Reality is turning out to be quite the opposite.

I’m so(ooo!) looking forward to actually sitting down to tap out those true thoughts and feelings on here. And I’m quite convinced I will once things slow down up here.

Just at at this moment though I won’t. At this moment in life I’m busy. Busy journeying my home turf. Busy spending every waken hour with the people I love most in life. And OH so busy playing in the snow.

Never would I have guessed this would be the time for me to say this, but I can’t not. I’m falling head over heels with this world – perhaps now more than ever. And I’d lie to you if I tried denying that I quite enjoy doing so with other than SPD’s on my feet.

Wish you a great week. Let’s do ourselves a favor and spend it outside.

Until next time,