Bike Touring Gear List

It’s amazing how much stuff you can fit onto a simple bicycle. More than you need, really. We all tend to overpack quite a bit when getting ready to go hit the road, and often end up leaving stuff behind along the way.

As the seasons come and go, the contents of my panniers shift like the tide. This is however a somewhat accurate list of what I’m carrying with me.

For more details about my most important gear – check out Equipment

Bicycle & Accessories:

  • Bicycle: Surly Long Haul Trucker (50cm)
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 2″
  • Saddle: Brooks B17 S
  • Racks: Tubus Cargo & Tara
  • Handlebar: BBB Trekkingbar
  • Lock: Foldable U-Lock
  • Helmet: Giro Savant
  • Shoes: Salomon XA 3D Ultra 2
  • Cycle computer: VDO M4 Wired
  • Mirror: Axiom FastFlash>
  • Bell: Spurcycle
  • Pump: SKS Raceday Pump
  • Repairs, tools & extras


Sleep & Camping:

Food & Cooking:

Hygiene & Medicine:

Important stuff:

  • Passport x 2
  • Driver’s licence
  • EU Insurance Card
  • Credit card x 2
  • Digital document copies

Underwear & Base Layer:




Head- & Handgear:




  • Sunglasses: Julbo Drift & Julbo Breeze
  • Packing straps: Sea to Summit Accessory Straps With Hook Release x 2
  • Headphones
  • Pen & paper
  • Compass