Happy Sunday!

Can you believe we’ve reached the final destination of yet another week? In last Sunday’s blog post I left it to you lot to decide what story you wanted told, out of a whole bunch of options.

And the verdict was clear.

My intention was to shoot you a bonus blog post, telling this tale already days ago. I was excited about it too, as it so happens to be a good one. Then – as it does – life happened. And it’d be a shame to go all throwbacky and not even let you know about it.

Let’s do like this.

Someday soon, from somewhere not too far away – I’ll jot down the lines from this absurd Alice in Wonderland inspired camp night experience on the Spanish countryside. It really is too randomly hilarious to be forgotten.

And for now – get you guys a quick real time update on what has been and is going on in the universe of this bike ride around the world. Just yet it’s not really, but more and more frequently I’m smacked over the head with the realisation that this adventure of a lifetime is rapidly closing in on it’s final act.

So. Where am I at?

Since late Friday evening – the answer is simple.

I just woke up in France. Just outside Narbonne to exact.

The past week’s rush up the Spanish Mediterranean was swift. The (way too) few magical days of rest and reunions in Barcelona were out of this world. The temperatures are sinking by the kilometer and I’ve finally admitted to myself that summer is now 100% replaced by long johns. And the life I’m blessed to be living has rarely felt this beautiful.

Soon enough you’ll hear about the whats and whys around this. Though for now all you need to know is that I’m headed for Bern, Switzerland. And literally I can’t get there fast enough. Please send me a thought from time to time, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for that for next week’s blog post I’ll join you from there.

Wight this moment I’m about to throw myself into the terribly stubborn autumn headwind that has kept me company for the past days.

But first I figured I would still leave you with a small camp night tale. This one taking place on the evening and night of yesterday. As our paths crossed I randomly met up with swedish-blog-reader-kickass-girl Julia, currently well on her way to conquer Europe on her first big solo tour.

I’ll leave a few photos, but will let her tell the story.

Make yourself a favor by not missing this one. Surely it has happened before that two people come together to randomly share a windy camp night together. A girl deciding to leave her entire faith to the flip of a coin though – isn’t one to ignore. Espeacially not when that coin redirects her destiny to Africa.

Julia’s blog post: Flip the Coin

Photo: Julia Olah

Julia. Sending all strenght and good vibes your way. Summer’s around the corner, Morocco is the best and I absolutely know you’ll smash it.

Tailwinds Sister! You got this.

Photo: Julia Olah

Now. I’m getting my ass to Switzerland.

Until next time,